"Glam" Dryer Rack

Glam Sessions NYC LLC

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  • Our "Glam" Dryer Rack is an essential for drying brushes after washing. It is also convenient to hold brushes and won't take up too much space and allows easy organization. 
  • Our "Glam" Dryer Rack has a  total of 28 mix size silicone holes. Theses holes fit Most Makeup Brushes and or Art brushes.

    • Our "Glam" Dryer Rack is collapsible, which makes it easy to carry when traveling .Place bristles face up when using Makeup or brush holding. Place the bristles face down after washing. Spreading brushes out on the rack will help with balance & stability. 

    •  Our "Glam" Dryer Rack comes with a protective sticker( peel off it before use There is a brown protective sticker on the makeup brush rack. Please peel it off before using! It comes off easily when the brown cardboard is wet. Just soak the brush rack with a warm damp towel and then start at the corner to peel it off.