Meet The CEO- Glam Sessions NYC LLC

Ashley B is a savvy young entrepreneur who is focused on the empowerment of herself, woman and fellow minority owned businesses. Ashley’s journey began in Queens, NY, where she started starring in various fashion shows across the tristate area. She was inspired by the glamorous nature of these shows and decided to launch various businesses. Her first venture was the fashion company BowtieNation LLC, which is owned by her partner Shay & herself. Bowtienation LLC specializes in custom handmade bowties & accessories. Bowtienation LLC has been running for 4 years and is still running strong. Ashley's second passion has played a tremendous role in her other ventures. Anyone who knows her knows she is obsessed with beauty and makeup. She has created a beauty company called Glam Sessions NYC which is the umbrella for her Glam Fest Beauty Expo & Competition, Glam Sessions Classes & Beauty Services along with her cleaning products and makeup tools.


Ashley is also a talented makeup artist with over 5 years of experience curating some of the most gorgeous faces in New York. She believes that all women deserve the opportunity to be the best version of themselves. She enhances the beautiful canvases that are put before her and brings an added level of confidence with every client that gets “slayed by Muva.” Ashley has received her formal education from Empire Beauty School. She has used the techniques learned here and her own individual flair to create some amazing works of art. All of her education and experience has culminated her to create her own beauty expo, Glam Fest. Ashley believes that there are so many unnoticed beauty companies that just need a platform to be seen. She hopes that Glam Fest continues to create a platform for dope beauty and fashion entrepreneurs. She also hopes to shed light on talented beauty artists, entrepreneurs and educators. Ashley knows if she continues to create a melting pot of amazing talents that Glam Fest will be one of the biggest expos New York has ever seen witnessed. 

As Ashley continues to build her empire, she hopes to grow into a business and beauty mogul. She also wants to help and guide others. Ashley is a firm believer in collaboration over competition. As her light continues to shine she hopes to inspire people that the dream is a reality and is obtainable with hard work and hustle. So in the word of the Glam Muva herself "Collect your Coin, Mind the business that pays you, network and Slay".